Samstag 19. Oktober 2019

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Our Reach – Hitradio Namibia is everywhere!

With the launch of Hitradio Namibia we made an impact beyond expectation. After only four weeks on air we reached over 9500 Hitradio Namibia fans, increasing daily.

We are targeting mainly the age groups 15 - 65 and our audience consists of 52.1% male and 47.9% female listeners mainly from the LSM 10 group and the tourist sector.

Our reach is truly international with over 20,000 monthly website page views. We average nearly 100 constant live stream listeners from various locations worldwide and have a 37% international Facebook user participation rate.

Home countries of our listeners: 63% Namibia, 30% Germany, 5% South Africa, 1% Switzerland, 1% Others

Our geographical reach

Hitradio Namibia currently reaches 75% of the German population in Namibia via FM stereo. Further expansion of our terrestrial network is planned. In addition we have two internet streams which cater for high quality and mobile applications. These streams are extensively used by local and international listeners. Hitradio Namibia is also accessible via satellite world-wide (e.g. through

Current towns covered by our terrestrial FM network: Frequency Map



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