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Hitradio Namibia offers an abundance of "on air" and "off air" advertising solutions. You are more than welcome to contact us and we will discuss details for a customized offer.

Radio Spots

Radio spots are the classical solution for advertising your business, product or service. Radio spots are easy to produce, cost effective and thus can reach your target group quickly. Hitradio Namibia broadcasts radio spots just before the hour and half-hour - 24/7. Radio spots will be broadcast in German or English. We are more than happy to assist you with a professional contact in Germany to produce high standard spots.

Examples of radio spots at Hitradio Namibia (MP3):

Show Sponsoring

Program sponsoring is the best way to reach a large audience during specific shows on Hitradio Namibia. It makes targeting your market even easier, as our various programs target specific audiences. In case you want to reach business people, you could consider sponsoring our Morning Show, which is mostly heard by early birds and business people on their way to work. Show sponsoring generally includes the name rights for the show as well as frequent naming of your company and/or product and two advertising spots per show.

Sponsoring of Program Elements

This is an especially affordable way to promote your company, service or product. You will get an Opener, Closer and one radio spot per element. Program elements are e.g. News, Weather, Traffic Reports, Business News or Sports News. You may also choose only one broadcasting time for the sponsoring, e.g. morning sports news or the news at 15 hrs.


Infomercials are a way to inform your target market in an environment outside of classical advertising. One of the Hitradio Namibia presenters will interview you (generally 3 minutes) about your organisation or specific products. This can be done live on air or pre-recorded with the option to be put on air at more or less any specific time.

Outside Broadcast

An Outside Broadcast allows you to present your company together with Hitradio Namibia to a Live Audience. Hitradio Namibia will broadcast with its Outside Broadcast studio from anywhere in Windhoek, e.g. your company grounds.

Online Advertising

Especially in combination with one of the above mentioned advertising options online advertising on www.hitradio.com.na will give you an even bigger reach.

Live stream "Start-Up" Spot

This 30 second spot will be broadcast every time a listener starts the Internet live stream - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows you to reach a global audience, at present especially in Germany.


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